What Are The Differences Between Assisted Living Facilities And At Home Care?

assisted living facilitiesShould you choose one of the assisted living facilities in your area or at home care for you or your loved one? This is one of the questions that you may have to ask one day when you or someone you love is no longer able to provide total care on your own. Selecting senior care is not easy, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of elderly care.

Assisted Living Facilities

This type of senior care provides care and assistance for a certain type of senior. A senior may need some assistance with his or her daily activities, but he or she does not require any medical assistance. Seniors who live in these communities may live in shared rooms or separate rooms, and they take part in community activities. An assisted living community may include services such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Minimal healthcare services

These assisted living facilities were developed for the safety and mobility of the residents. Their design helps to provide affordable assistance and support. Residents who live in these facilities are restricted in their independence and privacy. It is also common for seniors who move to this type of facility to experience distress because of the relocation.

At Home Care

This type of care is for seniors who prefer receiving assistance and care in their homes. The cost for this type of care varies depending on the type of assistance needed in the home. It is usually paid for on an hourly basis and can include personal care, medical assistance and/or housekeeping.

Adult day care is a different service for elders who need assistance during the day. Adult day care can include social and recreational activities.

At home care allows married spouses to remain in the home when one spouse needs care and the other one does not. Seniors are also more independent and their schedules are more comfortable and private. However, this type of care may be considered intrusive by some seniors.

When comparing the advantages and disadvantages of assisted living facilities and at home care, include your loved one’s quality of life in the comparison. The health of your loved one may be dependent on it.

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