Frequently Asked Questions About At Home Healthcare Services

at home healthcare servicesMore and more patients are in need of medical care, support and other at home healthcare services after they are discharged from a hospital or other medical facility. Professional in home care services include a wide range of services for:

  • Discharged patients
  • Disabled patients
  • Chronically ill patients
  • Terminally ill patients

These patients may need nursing, medical or social treatments. They may also need help taking care of the activities associated with their daily needs.

Reputable agencies provide home healthcare services. There are several types of agencies depending on the services provided and the community they serve. However, most provide care for patients of all ages and offer a comprehensive list of services to assist with the individual needs of their clients.

Before you hire services for yourself or your loved one, you may have some questions. Patients ask the following questions about at home healthcare services and how these services can improve their quality of life.

What Is A Caregiver?

A caregiver is a person who provides assistance to another person who has a mental or physical impairment. Although family members are usually the primary caregivers, it is not uncommon for professionals to take the role of primary caregiver when family members and friends are absent.

Caregivers can run errands, prepare meals, provide companionship and personal care assistance. The caregiver does not have to be in the home full time to be considered a caregiver.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Home Healthcare?

There are certain patients who require additional care in the home, or need assistance with care they can no longer provide for themselves. When most people hear the words at home healthcare¬Ě, they typically think about seniors who have health conditions. Although seniors are no longer able to handle many tasks on their own, they are not ready to leave their homes. Home healthcare allows them to stay independent and get the care they need on their own schedule.

Mentally ill patients, new mothers, newborns, surgery patients, diabetic patients and Alzheimer’s patients may all require different levels of home care for different reasons and for different durations. For example, a new mother may only need assistance in the home for a few weeks while adjusting to motherhood, while an Alzheimer’s patient may need continuous, long term care.

These are just a few of the many questions you may have regarding the services of home healthcare agencies. Find an accredited and reputable agency in your area. Learn more about how home healthcare services can improve your loved one’s physical, mental, emotional and social health.

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