The Advantages of Using At Home Senior Services

At Home Senior ServicesMany times an elderly loved one has a primary caregiver at home. This caregiver can be an adult child, spouse or other friend or relative. In addition to the primary caregiver, the senior may also receive assistance from a professional caregiver. These caregivers can offer many valuable services and will also guarantee the person who is entering the home has the proper qualifications and screening to provide the required care.

Personal Care Services

When a senior is homebound, it is even more critical that he or she receives proper personal care. For example, it may be more difficult for the senior to bathe. However, a professional caregiver can visit with the senior several times during the week and offer personal care at home senior services. The caregiver will ensure that the senior is bathed, dressed and groomed. Dressing changes can also be performed by specially trained caregivers.

Convenience of Services

Another advantage of senior services in the home is that they are convenient. When a professional medical team can enter the home to provide care and assistance, the senior will not have to leave home as often. This is especially beneficial to seniors who have mobility issues, or has total mobility impairment.

Respite Care

Primary caregivers can receive respite care as an in home senior service. Respite care involves a professional caregiver providing care and assistance to the senior while the primary caregiver is away. This type of service allows primary caregivers the opportunity to rest and handle other duties knowing their loved one is not alone and receiving professional care during this time.


Seniors often have a difficult time maintaining their homes like they once were able to. Housekeeping tasks can quickly become cumbersome. Home senior services can also perform these services, which include:

  • Laundry
  • Bed making
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Complete errands

Health Care Services

Seniors who require more advanced medical care at home can receive these services from licensed nursing professionals. These nurses work under the supervision of the senior’s physician, and they may be asked to monitor vital signs, administer medication or draw blood.

At home senior services allow seniors and their families to develop long term plans that will allow the senior to stay at home for as long as possible. Concise information and various options will help families make educated decisions.

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