Do And Don’t Tips For Caregivers For Seniors With Dementia

caregivers for seniors with dementiaOne of the most frustrating aspects of caring for someone with dementia is communication. It is not only upsetting for the one that is affected; it is also upsetting for caregivers for seniors with dementia. Although it can be difficult for family members and caregivers to try to understand why those with dementia act in a certain manner, the explanation lies within the disease itself and its effect on the brain.

This is the reason why caregivers should become familiar with some of the typical situations that can arise when caring for someone with dementia. You will be better prepared to handle the situation calmly and effectively when your loved one says or does something that is shocking. Continue reading for some dementia caregiver tips.

Confusion Regarding Place or Time

Wanting to be at home or not knowing they are already at home is a common reaction for a senior who has dementia. Caregivers for seniors with dementia should remember that it is a progressive disease that impairs cognitive functioning. This is the cause of the memory loss and confusion.

Do: Provide simple explanations along with visual aids such as photos if available. Tangible reminders are not only helpful; they can be a source of comfort.

Don’t: Give long and lengthy reasons. You will not be able to reason with your loved one, and you may even exacerbate the problem.

Aggressive Actions and Speech

When your loved one becomes aggressive in their speech or actions, it is critical that you first understand that their actions are not intentional. The aggression is typically triggered by something in their environment that is making them feel uncomfortable. They may also be feeling physically uncomfortable. Frustration when trying to communicate can also make them more aggressive.

Do: Try to identify the cause of the aggression. What emotions are they dealing with to make them feel aggressive? After you have made sure that they themselves or anyone else is not in danger, you can begin the process of calmly shifting the focus on another subject.

Don’t: Engage in an argument or debate. Never try to physically restrain the person unless it is necessary.
These are two of the many situations that can arise for caregivers for seniors with dementia. Always be reassuring and encouraging when caring for your loved one.

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