There Are Many Things That You Must Consider When You Are Caring For Aging Parents

Caring For Aging Parents

When adult children are placed into the position of caring for aging parents, there are many aspects that must be considered. The children must consider whether their parents are able to remain in the home independently, would the parents have advantages of living in an assisted facility or if the parents would be taken care of better in a long term nursing facility.

Options For Aging Parents Who Can Remain In the Home

Before adult children remove an aging parent from his or her home, they should make every effort should to determine if he or she can stay in the home. The parent may have lived in the home for years and may not want to leave the familiar surroundings. If the parent still has a level of independence and he or she can stay in the home safely, the parent should have a choice if he or she requires some type of assistance in the home.

Caring for aging parents can be easier for adult children and other family members if home health services are utilized in the home. This is especially true if one or both parents have medical conditions that need to be monitored frequently.

Home Health Assistance While Caring for Aging Parents

Elderly parents may need a skilled nurse to come to the home periodically. The nurse can make wellness checks and monitor diseases and ailments. A skilled nurse can also provide advanced nursing care assistance such as wound care and oxygen administration.

Families can hire therapists to help aging parents regain their strength. Stroke recovery clients can have short therapy sessions in their homes on an as needed basis or on a doctor approved schedule. Although therapy sessions may not last long, both clients and family members will be introduced to exercises that help clients get stronger and increase mobility.

A professional caregiver can manage household tasks that elderly parents may have difficulty completing on their own. This includes tasks such as:

  • Laundry
  • Cooking
  • Light housekeeping

However, these caregivers do not provide direct patient care. They provide assistance and companionship for aging parents only.

Older parents typically do not drive as often or drive at all because of physical and/or mental challenges. A professional caregiver/companion can run errands and even transport elderly clients to appointments.

Caring for aging parents is a transition that many families are not prepared for. Fortunately, decisions are easier to make when the parents can stay in the home.

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