The Factors Adult Children Should Consider When Caring For Elderly Parents At Home

caring for elderly parents

Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

When adult children are caring for elderly parents in the home, it requires a lot of time and dedication. This is why it is important for adult children to discuss options for care with their parents ahead of time. It does not matter whether you decide to move your parents into your home, or choose to visit them in their home; certain steps should be followed to ensure that they are living in a safe environment. It is not easy to care for the elderly, and this type of situation can be stressful for caregivers and patients. However, once you have and your family has learned the basics, you will be better prepared for the task.

Inspect the Home

The first thing that you should do is inspect the home to see how safe it is. Take the time to assess different hazards such as the fall risk that may increase due to loosely fitted rugs that can slip underneath the feet. Seniors may have trouble navigating cluttered rooms or hallways. Also check all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home to make sure they are working properly.

Install Grab Bars

These bars are essential in any home where an elderly patient resides. When you are caring for elderly parents, install grab bars in the bathroom near the toilet and bathtubs or showers to prevent slips and falls.

Install Non-Skid Pads

Caregivers should also install non-skid pads in the bathing area of the bathroom to prevent elderly parents from falling. In addition, caregivers should unplug any electrical appliances that people use in the bathroom until ready for use. Caregivers should also keep them away from any sources of water.

Install Nightlights

Furthermore, caregivers should install nightlights in strategic areas around the home. Placing nightlights in the hallway and in the senior’s bedroom will help your elderly parent get around the home without having to turn on overhead lights. Nightlights can also be placed in the bathroom, kitchen and living room areas.

Hire a Caregiver to Assist Your Elderly Parent

If you or other family members are not able to care for your elderly parent on a regular basis, you can hire professional caregivers who will be able to provide assistance to your parent. They are qualified to prepare meals, do laundry, light housekeeping and other small tasks around the home. Caregivers are also skilled and experienced with assisting elderly clients with personal care needs.

Caring for elderly parents can overwhelm adult children. However, when you follow the tips listed, you will help prepare your parent and the home for effective in-home care. For help with in-home care contact Evergreen Private Care today.