Caring For the Elderly At Home – How to Choose Professional Caregivers

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When an elderly parent or loved one needs assistance at home, it can be difficult for the family member to convince them that they need someone to help them with certain activities. No matter the age, people enjoy being independent. Furthermore, an elderly person sometimes has difficulty accepting someone coming into their home to assist with bathing or dressing. This is why adult children should take into considerations the qualities that a professional caregiver should have when they want to hire someone who will be caring for the elderly at home.

People are living longer. As a result, the older a person becomes, the more ailments they develop. Reflexes slow down and mobility issues can make getting around more difficult. Elderly people are also choosing to stay in their homes instead of entering into a skilled nursing facility. This change has created an increase in the demand for professional caregivers who can provide assistance to these patients so they can stay at home. To make sure they stay safe, a skilled and experienced caregiver should be hired to assist with their activities of daily living.

The Risks of Hiring a Caregiver on Your Own

When it is time to hire someone for caring for the elderly at home, some adult children place help wanted ads or respond to random caregivers’ ads offering services. The disadvantage to using this technique is that there is a risk of subjecting the elderly client to elder abuse. This type of abuse is growing.

Hiring a caregiver that no one has investigated beforehand provides the perfect opportunity for crime. The elderly are often susceptible to identity theft and financial abuse. However, this risk can be avoided by using a referral agency to find a professional caregiver.

The Advantages of Using a Referral Agency

An agency will conduct a complete background check. The background check will include state and national information. The agency will also conduct thorough pre-screenings and reference checks for every caregiver.

The agency will offer a range of services for clients including:

  • Elderly care
  • Personal care
  • Companion care

Caring for the elderly can be challenging. Many seniors want to remain at home and do not want assistance. However, choosing a professional, skilled and compassionate caregiver from a reputable agency will help make the process easier for everyone involved. At Evergreen Private Care, we know the importance of elderly care. Contact us today to see if home care is what your loved one needs.

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