What Is The Difference Between Home Health Aides And CNAs?

certified nursing assistant at homeCertified nursing assistants (CNAs) and home health aides have similar roles in the medical community. Although both professionals provide basic care and companionship to clients and report to doctors and nurses who oversee the client’s care, the major difference is the type of training and the type of care that is necessary. It is important to understand the similarities and differences if you are considering hiring certified nursing assistant at home care services.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Home Health Aide

These professional caregivers provide basic care to clients who are primarily disabled or elderly. They usually do not provide medical care, but under certain jurisdictions they are allowed to check a client’s vital signs or even administer medications if they are supervised by a licensed health professional or a registered nurse.

A home health aide may also be allowed to provide other types of medical assistance such as wound dressing changes, and can assist with ventilators if they are trained properly. However, they primarily assist with personal care such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and other basic services. They may also provide services such as light housekeeping, transportation and grocery shopping.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Certified Nursing Assistant At Home

Similar to home health aides, certified nursing assistant at home care services provide assistance with personal care. They may also assist patients with position changes in bed, transfers and mobility assistance. These professionals will talk with patients, make notes and observe any changes in the patient’s physical, emotional or mental health.

CNAs monitor vital signs and report directly to the supervising nurse or physician. There are some states that will allow CNAs to administer medications if they have the proper training and certifications. In the home environment, the CNA may be the client’s only caregiver; therefore, they may interact with the client more than anyone else.

Work Environment

While home health aides are generally limited to working in a client’s home, they may also work in hospice settings, long term care facilities and group centers. They may also serve as companions and visit with several clients in a day.
On the other hand, CNAs are able to work in a wider variety of settings. Because they work in clinical settings, they may see more than one patient a day.

There are several similarities between certified nursing assistant at home care services and home health aide services. Consider the needs of your loved one, and choose the professional who can provide the necessary care and assistance.

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