The Growing Need for Reliable Companion Care Agencies

companion care agenciesCompanion care agencies offer individuals with assistance in non-medical activities and tasks for those who prefer to live at home. Although these types of services are ideal for seniors, companion care is an option for expectant parents, those who transition from a medical facility and those who are disabled.

Even though this type of service is often confused with at home health care, companion care agencies can provide any type of assistance that is not considered medically related. The service can include medication reminders or transportation assistance to doctor appointments. However, companion care typically includes housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping and other services.

Many agencies have expanded the services that they offer and have expanded their availability as well. This means that many offer service availability 24 hours a day so they can work with your schedule.

Companion Care Agencies:  In Home Consultations

Typically, before services begin, an agency will provide a free consultation in the home. During this time, the home also undergoes a safety evaluation by a registered nurse from the agency. The companions who are hired to enter into the home are thoroughly screened before they can begin to work.

It is still a good idea to introduce the client to the companion before services start. This will provide the client with a level of comfort and ensure any confusion will be alleviated. The companion and the client will also know what is expected of them.

As previously stated, the demand for companion care is growing at a steady rate. Many companies can provide you with a companion any time of the day or night, but if you want the best rates you should consider scheduling a companion as soon as you know that you will need to hire this type of service. Be aware that some agencies do charge a rush fee for last minute calls for service. In fact, scheduling regular visits may be the best option for both the client and the agency.

The Most Important Advantage of Companion Care Agencies

Perhaps the most important benefit to receiving this type of service is the building of a friendship. This is even more beneficial for seniors. There are some people who think this option means that you are “purchasing a friend”.  The companion you hire are professionals who genuinely enjoy being around and helping people.

The companion may offer advice to a mother of a newborn or play a game of cards with a senior. Depending on the client’s needs, they may provide assistance with preparing a meal, organizing the mail or doing the laundry.

Companion care agencies are unique just like the clients that they provide service to. Take your time to research and find a reputable agency in your area.

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