When Companion Care For The Elderly Is A Good Option

Companion Care for the ElderlyNo adult child delights in anticipation that they may one day have to make important decisions pertaining to their elderly parent’s health and well-being. When you are certain that your loved one can no longer make decisions regarding their health, you will be faced with several decisions. Will you move your parent into a nursing home? Would they fare better in an assisted living facility? However, one option that many families overlook is companion care for the elderly.

Companion care for the elderly is emotional care and companionship for seniors who are relatively healthy and can stay independent in their own homes. It can also include other services that will help to make it easier for your loved one to manage their daily tasks. Although companion care for the elderly is primarily provided in a client’s home, it can also be provided in facilities too.

Companion Care In The Home

The presence of companions in the home is incredibly important in the homes of seniors who are still mentally active. They will have someone in the home with whom they can tell stories and attend social events. This type of care benefits seniors who live alone or do not have family nearby. Conversations can provide therapy, board games, and other activities that can help deter memory-related problems.

Improve Quality Of Life With Companion Care For The Elderly

The services companions provide are non-medical, but this does not mean that they are not essential to your loved one’s overall health and well-being. Medication reminders, assistance with ADLs, and transfers are some of the services companions can provide. The companions can also offer assistance with housekeeping duties and the preparation of meals.

Transportation is another service that companions provide. Some seniors are hindered from participating in social activities due to the lack of transportation. Companions can drive seniors to appointments, shopping, movies, or a friend’s house.

Companion care for the elderly can also mediate between seniors and family members. Families appreciate having someone in the house informing them of their loved one’s condition. With a schedule that is tailored to the needs of your loved one in mind, companion care for the elderly may be the right choice for your senior parent.

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