What Is a Companion For The Elderly And How Can They Help Keep A Senior Active?

Companion For The Elderly

The vast majority of seniors in the United States express a desire to live in their own homes for as long as they can as they get older. In fact, almost 90 percent of seniors prefer to “age in place”. Although it is true that many seniors over the age of 65 are not able to stay in their homes, companion for the elderly services can help many elderly adults stay in their homes longer.

What Is a Companion For The Elderly?

As families are spread out more than ever before in history, no longer is there a guarantee that family members will be living close by to take care of elderly relatives. When there is not someone near who can help lend a hand when needed, it can cause stress not only for elderly adults living alone, but also elderly couples.

Small tasks that they could complete on their own when they were younger, like laundry, becomes more difficult for them as they get older. Companion for the elderly services were designed to provide non-medical assistance as well as offer companionship with every day and social activities. Even though these types of services are also utilized by the disabled and new parents, it is very popular among seniors who want to retain a lifestyle that is independent.

What Services Are Available with a Companion for the Elderly?

Chores around the home are not the only challenges for seniors who live on their own. Isolation also becomes a great risk because it can become more difficult for seniors to venture outside for social activities. Just by having someone to check in on them every so often, even just for a conversation, can help provide the essential link between the senior and the world.

It has also been confirmed that frequent mental stimulation also helps to reduce the chances of seniors developing dementia. There are even more mental benefits when seniors participate in challenging mind games such as chess, scrabble or bridge. These are games that can be played with a caring companion.

What Other Types Of Services Are Available?

There are other services that are available including:

• The planning of social activities
• Providing transportation when needed
• Helping to prepare snacks and light meals
• Giving medication reminders
• Helping with confirmation of appointments
• Keeping family members informed of the senior’s condition
• Reading books, participating in hobbies and other types of entertainment
• Encouraging the senior to participate in exercise

In addition to these services, there are some companion aides who have specialized dementia training. This makes them extremely qualified to take care of seniors who are in the first stages of the mental disease. Unfortunately, this is a disease that has become increasingly common among seniors. Because seniors are choosing to stay in their homes, dementia care training has become a service that is in high demand.

Who Are The Professionals That Provide Companion Care?

The type and level of treatment is different depending on the senior, and as a result, there are different types of agencies that provide these services. An unlicensed or uncertified agency cannot provide medical services, so these types of agencies only provide non-medical care such as companion care.

A hospice or certified home care agency offer both non-medical and medical assistance. These agencies are highly regulated by both state and federal governmental agencies.

Independent contractors are individuals who are self-employed. Even though they may be either unlicensed or licensed, independent contractors are typically unlicensed.

How to Select a Professional Companion for the Elderly

The majority of clients who are looking for a companion for the elderly do not need medical assistance. This means that families will have to use other factors when choosing a companion for their loved one. The budget of the family and the reputation of the agency will be two of the most important factors when selecting a companion.

By doing some research, you can find out all of the information you need to know about an agency’s performance and their pricing before making a decision.

A companion for the elderly can help seniors stay active and healthy. These professionals truly make a difference in an elder’s life by encouraging them to stay interested in their indoor and outdoor surroundings. Acknowledgement of a job well done is important to everyone, especially seniors, and receiving support and praise after an activity can make all of the difference in the world. Perseverance and patience can help an elderly loved one stay interested and active participants in life.

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