Why Companion Home Care May Be An Excellent Choice

companion home careNo adult child really enjoys having to make the decisions that are necessary as a parent or family member becomes older. However, when it becomes obvious that your elderly loved one can no longer make all of the choices necessary to maintain their health and well-being, you will need to consider several options. Should you choose a nursing home facility, or an assisted living facility? Have you considered companion home care?

What Is Companion Care?

Companion care consists primarily of emotional support. This type of care and companionship is designed for seniors who are relatively healthy, and they wish to stay in their homes. Companion care can also consist of non-medical services as well. These services can make your senior’s life manageable. Although companion care services typically focus on clients who are living in their homes, it can be extended to seniors who are living in long term facilities.

The Importance of Companion Home Care

Just the presence of these professional companions and caregivers in the home can be very important for seniors who are mentally active. They will have someone they can talk with, share stories with and take part in activities with. These activities can be vital for a senior who does not live near family or close friends.

The conversation is sometimes enough to provide therapy for the senior, and playing games and socializing can help to keep them mentally sharp. All of these activities can help keep dementia at bay.

Services Provided By Professional Companions

These professionals offer services that are not medical services, but they are critical to your loved one’s quality of life. The services can include:

The communication between the caregiver and the family members is also very important. Family members can stay updated with the progress and condition of their loved one. Many caregivers also have dementia training and can provide assistance for seniors who are dealing with this condition.

Companion home care is not as expensive as options such as assisted living facilities and nursing home facilities. With the opportunity to tailor a care plan based on your loved one’s specific needs, companion care may an excellent choice.

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