Signs Your Loved One Needs Compassionate Companion Care

compassionate companion care

Caring for your elderly and sick loved ones is a part of the natural order of things. It is part of the family dynamics. When a person is sick, they expect their family members will care for them. However, this type of expectation can go above and beyond the physical, mental and emotional abilities the family members have. It is not uncommon for a family caregiver to realize they are not equipped to handle the needs of their aging or sick family member when a crisis occurs. Fortunately, compassionate companion care may be the solution for your loved one’s needs.

When Family Caregivers Should Seek Professional Care for Their Loved One

When a family caregiver does not have his or her basic needs met, it can be difficult to provide assistance with the basic needs of a loved one. It is important to know when you should seek assistance and the necessary process to obtaining the assistance you need. This will help to eliminate the stress you may be feeling while caring for your loved one. Compassionate companion care will also ensure that a professional will meet your loved one’s needs.

There are several signs that you should look out for so you will know that you need to seek a quality companion caregiver for your loved one:

  • Your loved one is recovering from surgery or has been discharged from a rehab center
  • You do not live close enough to check in on your loved one regularly
  • Your loved one is confused or has lapses in memory
  • Safety issues prevent your family member from staying alone
  • Your loved one is unable to prepare their own meals or do simple housekeeping chores

Compassionate Companion Care in the Comfort of Their Home

This type of care can be given in the home of an elder or someone who is homebound while allowing them to stay in a familiar environment. If you are seeking these types of non-medical services for someone you love, you can contact an agency in your area that specializes in providing companion care.

The most reputable compassionate companion care agencies will be diligent in matching an appropriate professional companion with your loved one. Agencies will accomplish this by scheduling an in home assessment first. The assessment will determine the needs and requirements of the household.

Please allow us to serve your loved one with the dignity and respect they deserve. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation on elder companion care.