Important Dementia Home Care Tips for the Caregiver

dementia-home-care-tipsDementia is a medical condition that affects a person’s brain. As the condition progresses, an individual slowly loses his or her ability to live on their own without assistance. Those who prefer to be cared for in their home will need to have caregivers who will take certain factors into consideration. The¬†journey will not be an easy one. However, the following dementia home care tips will make it as comfortable as it can be for you and your family.

Do Not Make Frequent Routine Changes

Caregivers should know that making frequent changes in a patient’s routine that has dementia may cause an adverse reaction. Even a simple change in how you provide personal care may seem life altering for a person with dementia. This is the reason why it is so important that you try to maintain the same daily routine and schedule.

If you find that it is necessary to make a change, let the senior know in advance and make the change gradually so he or she can adjust to the changes.

Do Not Argue

One of the most important dementia home care tips that caregivers should implement is to avoid arguing with the senior. It is normal for dementia patients to become combative. Instead of arguing, remain calm. Find an activity that the senior can participate in. The activity will provide a distraction. Speak slowly and softly because raising your voice will only make the senior more agitated. Caregivers who provide assistance, care and companionship for dementia patients will need to have patience and compassion.

Be Flexible When Providing Care

Aim not to change the daily care routine. You should not force the patient to do anything they do not want to do. For example, if the patient is not in a good mood, leave him or her alone as long as no one including the patient is in danger. Caregivers should take the time to learn what triggers negatively impact the senior and then make sure that these triggers are avoided.

These dementia home care tips will help make a difficult situation more bearable for both patient and his or her family. Family members who become overwhelmed can hire a professional caregiver for additional assistance and respite care.

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