How to Prepare For Elderly Care in Your Home

elderly care in your home

Elderly parents and grandparents are choosing to age in a home environment. The home may be theirs, or they may live in the home of a relative. So, if your parent or grandparent is moving into your home, it is important that you prepare for elderly care in your home. This means that your home should be senior friendly so the risk of accidents are reduced. In addition, the home should be easier for the senior to access and offer your loved one more independence. Full time in home care for the elderly can help.

When Preparing for Elderly Care in Your Home Make Sure the Environment Is Safe

Most importantly, the environment in your home should be as safe as possible for your loved one. Take the time to walk through every room of your home and look for potential hazards. The homeowner should secure runners and carpets to the floor to prevent falls. The family should also rearrange the furniture if necessary.

Make the Bathroom Safe

When preparing for elderly care in your home, make the bathroom fall resistant. You should place nonskid matsĀ  around the toilet, tub and sink areas. In addition, install grab barsĀ  around the shower area and the toilet area. A raised toilet may also be necessary for seniors who have vision problems. And cover electrical outlets if your loved one has dementia.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

Fall risks can be reduced if small appliances are placed slightly below shoulder height. This will prevent your senior from using step ladders to access out of reach items. Replace glass and ceramic dinnerware with plastic dishes.

Secure Furniture

The caregivers should rearrange the furniture and secure it in the home. Beds, chairs and other furniture should not move when your loved one gets up or sits on furniture.

Install Night Lights

The family should install night lights in the:

  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms

Having a night light in each of these critical areas will allow your loved one to walk to the bathroom safely at night without assistance. The lighting fixtures should provide enough illumination to help the senior with mobility.

Elderly care in your home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you and your loved one. Offer your loved one greater independence by making your home safe and inviting for seniors.

Are You Providing Elderly Care in Your Home?

Does your loved one need care and assistance when you are not available? Evergreen Private Care has experienced and compassionate caregivers who can provide in home nursing care for the elderly loved one when you have other obligations. You will know that caregivers are caring for your loved one’s safety at all times. Call for a free assessment.

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