Elderly Care Options for Your Loved One

What Type of Care Does Your Elderly Loved One Need?

It is a constant and ongoing process evaluating the needs of an adult and his or her abilities as time goes on. Evaluating a senior’s living arrangements is a very critical part of this process. There are several elderly care options that are available to families who will have to deal with the shifting that typically occurs during this process. Some of these options are:

  • Downsizing to a smaller home and receiving home care
  • Assisted living
  • 24 hour care at a long term skilled nursing care facility

Each one of these options offer the elderly and their family something different, and it will be up to each family to first sort out the options. Then the family can decide on the best option for their senior.

Independent Living

One of the most popular elderly care options is independent living or remaining at home. This is the option that most aging adults hope they choose as they grow older. Your loved one will likely need to have someone to help them around the home. If family members are not able to consistently provide the assistance, they may choose to hire someone. The amount of additional care your loved one will need will be based on his or her current health and connection to the community.

You may also want to consider installing gadgets in the home that will make independent living easier for your loved one. Safety rails near the toilet and shower area will make bathroom trips safer.


Many older people choose to move into smaller homes after their children have moved out of the home. This is an option if your aging parent wants to be closer to family, or if the family wants to be closer to offer assistance as needed. If your loved one is committed to living alone, downsizing reduces fall risks and allows them to be in a space that is easier to navigate.

In-Home Care

If your loved one lives at home but needs more assistance, there are a variety of options. A homemaker can come into the home and complete household chores and tasks that have become too difficult. A caregiver can assist with meal preparation and light housekeeping as well as provide assistance with personal care tasks.

These are just a few of the many elderly care options that you and your elderly family can consider. Your elder’s choices may change as he or she gets older.

The elder care option you choose should not only make your loved one healthier, but it should also make them happier too. In the University area, contact us to discuss how we can provide compassionate and caring home care for your elderly loved one.

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