What Seniors Should Know About Elderly Companion Care

elderly companion careAccording to several studies, over 90 percent of seniors practice what is becoming referred to as aging in place. Although many seniors are not physically and/or mentally capable of aging in place, elderly companion care can help them remain in their homes longer than they would without the additional assistance.

What Is Elderly Companion Care?

As more families are living further away now more than in any other time in history, elderly parents no longer have the guarantee that their adult children will be living close to them. When there is not someone who is close that can help with tasks or just to spend time with, it can be difficult for seniors. Simple tasks like washing dishes or cooking a meal can become a struggle. They can easily become depressed and withdrawn.

Elderly companion care assists those who have non-medical needs. Although new parents and the disabled also use these services the most popular demographic for companion care is the elderly adult who wants to stay independent.

Elderly Care Services

The greatest challenge for seniors who live alone is not housekeeping. Going outdoors can become more difficult as people age, and the chances of isolation increase as each year passes. If they only have someone to stop in and engage in a conversation with them once or twice a week, they will still feel as though they have a link to the world. Mental stimulation has been shown to decrease the risk of seniors developing dementia. Challenging seniors with games such as scrabble, checkers, chess or bridge can keep seniors mentally alert.

The agency can personalize other services to meet the seniors needs such as:

  • Transportation services
  • Light housework
  • Attending social events
  • Medication reminders
  • Physical assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Errand services
  • Checking in with family members and providing updates

In addition to these services, some companion care aides are also trained in dementia care so they are qualified to assist seniors with cognitive impairments.

Senior Companion Care at Evergreen Private Care

With a private companion for elderly, these seniors typically do not need medical services. Hire a reputable and experienced home health agency to provide the care and companionship that your loved one needs.

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