Elderly Home Assistance Can Reduce the Need for Long Term Facility Care

elderly home assistanceIt does not matter whether your elderly loved one is living at home or in a long term care facility, it may be necessary for your aging parents to receive assistance as they become older. By hiring an in-home professional caregiver to provide elderly home assistance, your elderly parent may be able to stay in their home much longer.

However, deciding whether in-home care is the right choice will depend on a few factors. One of the first steps in making that decision is being aware of the type and level of care your loved one needs. This is an important piece of information that will go a long way in determining whether your loved one would benefit more from elderly home assistance or facility care.

Basic Areas of Senior Assistance

There are four areas that seniors often require the most assistance. These areas include:

  • Personal care
  • Medical care
  • Housekeeping
  • Companionship/emotional support

These areas typically overlap, and your loved one’s specific needs will need to be considered if you are looking to hire an in-home caregiver.

Elderly Home Assistance Services

Services that are provided under medical care include physical therapy, medication assistance and management. Other types of in-home treatments can also be included such as appointment scheduling.

Housekeeping services can include dusting, mopping and laundry although, grocery shopping and transportation needs can also be included.

Personal care services typically include bathing, dressing and hair care, and emotional support can be intertwined with any of these services.

Screening Process

One it has been determined that your loved one would benefit more from in-home assistance, it is time to begin the screening process. During this stage, it is critical that a connection is made between the senior and the caregiver. Without positive emotional rapport, the senior may be hesitant to accept the care and assistance he or she needs.

It can be challenging for seniors to accept a stranger into their home and accept care from this person. This is why it is important to include your loved one in the hiring/screening process.

While this can be a time consuming process, choosing elderly home assistance may be the best option for your senior parent. They can remain in the comfort of their home and maintain their dignity.

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