Evergreen Private Care Provides Professional Home Companions for the Elderly

When companions are present in the home, seniors do not feel isolated or lonely. There are more seniors living alone at home, and professional home companions for the elderly will act as the support your aging loved one needs so they can stay at home for as long as they are able to and want to. These companions also provide safety services that are essential for elderly during their daily activities. They can also assist with tasks such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping and running errands.

Services That Are Available

Home companions for the elderly services can also allow companions to accompany seniors to functions and events that are outside of the home. This means that the companion can go with them for shopping trips, or can be their companion for a wedding or other special event. Evergreen Private Care’s professional companions will provide general conversation such as discussing news reports and current events.

The companions can also assist with craft projects such as scrapbooking, or play cards. They will enjoy singing along with your loved one as well as reading aloud to them. Your loved one can then enjoy a light meal like soup and a salad that is prepared according to their dietary restrictions by the companion.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Home Companions for the Elderly

By having a companion in the home, your loved one will enjoy a better quality of life. Seniors who do not have companionship often feel as though their world is becoming smaller, and they can begin to feel depressed.

Your aging loved one will also enjoy the company of someone in the home, and you can rest easy knowing that someone is in the home not only keeping them company but also ensuring their safety and comfort.

These companions are also very observant and will notify the family members, registered nurses and the senior’s physician of any changes in the senior’s health condition or situation. This is extremely valuable when the family is not able to be present in the home. They will also contact first responders should the need arise.

Home companions for the elderly offer essential human interaction so an aging senior will feel comfortable and more social and safe in their home. In fact, seniors who receive these services anticipate the arrival of the companion to the home and enjoy the relationship that grows between them and the companion.

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