How Holiday Help for the Elderly Can Reduce Loneliness

holiday help for the elderly

Loneliness can be avoided this time of year with a little holiday help.

It is human nature that the holiday season should make a person feel happy as generations of family come together to follow traditions that have been in the forefront for several decades. However, some seniors across the country feel lonely and depressed during the time of the year when everyone seems forced to ‘be in good cheer’. Holiday help for the elderly can help comfort them during this difficult time of the year.

The elderly can have a really hard time dealing with the holidays. Even though aging equals wisdom and maturity, there are losses that can affect people of all ages. Seniors do not only have to deal with physical loss and limitation, they may also deal with emotional and social losses as well. They may have had to deal with the loss of a spouse and other aging friends. The demographics of their neighborhood may have changed, and they feel alone and friendless. The holiday season can increase these feelings tenfold.

Adult children may be wondering how they can help their elderly parents during the holidays. Although you may be stressed yourself, holiday help for the elderly will help your loved one if he or she is going through a period of discouragement.

Listen To Them

Caregivers should listen to the elderly while they are talking. Listen even if they are making negative comments. This could be a way that they are mourning the loss of someone who is no longer in their life. Do not minimize their comments or tell them they should stop saying anything. It is crucial that caregivers are empathetic during these times.

Bake Them Goodies and Treats

Bake or bring them cookies, cakes and other desserts on a regular basis. Encourage them to share these baked goods with family and friends.

Spend Quality Time with Them

Perhaps the one thing that the senior wants more than anything else is to have someone to talk to. Look at old photographs and videos with them. Fill the home with cheerful holiday music. Allow them to reminisce in their own way.

These are just a few ideas of how to help seniors during the holidays to reduce the amount of loneliness that is commonly felt by seniors during the holiday season. Ensure that regular visits are made to the home so the senior does not feel isolated and abandoned during the holidays.

Picking up on clues is essential to provide seniors with the care they need to avoid depression during the holidays. If your loved one needs help this holiday season, contact us today for a free assessment.

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