Home Health Care after Stroke – An Option towards the Road to Recovery

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When a person has a stroke blood stops flowing to a certain area of the brain. This causes dysfunction of the brain as well as damage brain cells. The effects can vary from individual to individual. Each individual experiences a different severity of stroke and the location of the damage in the brain. There are common effects such as paralysis, weakness, sensory loss, trouble speaking or loss of coordination. Patients may also experience varying levels of pain, confusion, depression and irritability. Home health care after stroke can allow patients to recover at their own pace in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Stroke Patients Can Begin Recovery At Home

Once a person has become stabilized after having a stroke, they can begin the journey to recovery. The primary goal at this point is to help the person attain fulfillment by becoming functionally independent and emotionally healthy. All of this can be best achieved by providing home health care after stroke. This type of care will ensure that the patient can maintain a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, medical assistance and care and exercise.

Patients Can Stay Healthy After a Stroke

Early prevention and treatment of certain medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes can reduce a person’s risk of having a stroke. Some of things patients can do:

  • If they are smoking, stop
  • Eat a nutritionally balanced low fat diet
  • Do not drink alcohol in excess
  • Check blood pressure on a regular basis
  • Recognize the early signs and symptoms of a stroke

The Importance of Home Health Care

It is important for patients to prevent complications after they have had a stroke. Professionally trained caregivers can assist patients with activities associated with their daily routine such as bathing and dressing, and they can also assist with other tasks such as laundry and meal preparation. However, caregivers can also monitor patients and observe them for changes such as the formation of blood clots in the legs.

The clots can develop due to the person’s immobility and weakened condition. The risk of blood clots can be reduced by making sure the patient is following their doctor’s orders such as exercising and taking any prescribed blood thinners.

Having a stroke can forever change someone. Home health care after stroke can help you on your journey through the stroke recovery stages with fewer complications.

There is life after you or your loved one has had a stroke. Staying optimistic and having quality home health care can provide you with the strength you need to make a successful recovery. Contact us to get more information about nursing care for stroke patients and how we can be of assistance to you.