Top 3 Secret Services of Home Health Care Agencies

Home Health Care AgenciesHome health care agencies are just like any other business. They want to stand out from the competition. If someone offers a service they don’t, you’ll eventually find out from someone else.

Services Provided by the Top Home Health Care Agencies


Don’t let the description “light housekeeping” fool you. Most home health care agencies won’t expect their caregivers to do much around the house. They’ll tell you to hire an additional person for changing linens, washing clothes and mopping floors. Unfortunately, hiring someone separate for cleaning means more expense for you. It can also mean more work finding and managing the right person. Instead, ask home health care companies if they provide homemaking services. These go beyond the housekeeping the majority of caregivers will perform, including making your home shine.

Personal Caregiving

This is a step between companion care, where you receive help getting from place to place and staying involved in normal activities, and needing physical help with light medical tasks, like changing a colostomy bag. Many services will tell you need a medical professional just to increase your rates. Make sure you ask if an agency offers personal care. We’d also suggest that you list your hygienic needs to ensure those rates will apply to your service plan.

Client-Specific Scheduling

Nothing in home health care should be considered cookie-cutter. If a business demands you adhere to their schedule, walk away. This is often done to boost the hours of care you receive each week or to fit you in to the schedules their employees have to keep. For this reason especially, it’s preferable to work with an agency, where caregivers are simply represented versus employed. Home health care agencies tend to offer their clients more flexibility and more choice.

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