How To Choose A Home Healthcare Nurse For Your Mother

Home Healthcare Nurse

When it becomes too much of a responsibility to care for your elderly parent, it is time that you think about hiring a home healthcare nurse. This is a task that is daunting and can be expensive; so, it is important that you understand how to hire an in home nurse for your aging parent.

It is often preferable to hire this type of medical professional when you are overwhelmed by the duties associated with caring for your elderly parent. If you are the only one who is trying to organize care and assistance for your loved one, you are probably feeling hesitant and doubtful as to where you can go for help. Rest assured, these feelings are perfectly normal and there are many different ways to alleviate any issues or concerns you may have before you hire a home healthcare nurse.

Services Offered In Home Health Care

There are a number of health care services that are provided by agencies including nursing care. This can be provided in the home on a full or part time basis. Other types of specialized health services are available from other medical professionals. They may be hired to come into your loved one’s home to provide checkups, treatment and even transportation services.

They can also provide medication reminders, transportation to appointments, shopping, light housekeeping and other services depending on the home healthcare agency you choose.

If your loved one requires personal assistance services such as bathing or dressing, you want to be sure the agency you select offers it.


One of the first things that you may be thinking about is the cost for these services, and additional costs for extra services. If your loved one has Medicare, you will probably want to look for an agency that is Medicare certified. Not only will you know that they accept your loved one’s form of payment, you will also know that the agency must follow strict quality controls to ensure that the staff is qualified to provide services.

Home Healthcare Nurse:  Caregiver Preference

Your parent may be uncomfortable receiving care from a home healthcare nurse of another gender. Be sure the agency is respectful of your loved one’s rights and expectations of privacy. For example, your mother may not be comfortable having a younger male nurse assisting her with showering or dressing.

Although you do not have to go through an agency to hire a home healthcare nurse, an agency has several qualification processes in place to ensure reliability and competency. Your loved one deserves quality and compassionate care, and you deserve a peace of mind knowing your elderly mother will be well cared for.

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