What Is The Difference Between Home Healthcare Services And Assisted Living Facilities?

Home healthcare services are health services that offer patients the opportunity to remain in their homes. This type of health care can be provided by health care professionals or by the patient’s family members. Home care is typically referred to as care that is non-medical, whereas home health care usually refers to care that is provided by licensed or trained health care personnel. Comparable to assisted living facilities, home health care allows seniors to remain as independent as possible. This means that patients can enjoy their privacy while also receiving the care and assistance they need.

Services Available With Home Health Care

Home healthcare services help seniors with many of their daily activities. Bathing, cooking, meal preparation and light housekeeping are just some of the services that are offered. Depending on the patient’s needs, additional services such as transportation and companion services may also be required. Patients can also receive more extensive types of home health care such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Social worker visits
  • Mental health checks
  • Physician visits

Home Health Care versus Assisted Living Facilities

When family members are considering where their loved ones should reside for long term care, they typically compare home health care and assisted living facilities. Most seniors do prefer to stay in their homes so they can have more privacy. However, there are certain situations where a patient would need more consistent care. Home health care is more or less assisted living except it offers more privacy. However, patients who are not able to be alone for a long period of time may fare better with a live in caregiver.

Home healthcare services are the perfect healthcare solutions for seniors who are generally in good health, but may need assistance with housekeeping or personal care tasks. It is also an option for elders who need care and assistance full time but do not want to move into a long term residential care facility. This type of care provides the ultimate in privacy and personalized attention. For the best candidates, choose screened candidates from a reputable referral agency. This will ensure that only qualified individuals will provide care to your loved ones.

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