Homecare Personal Services for Seniors Who Are Bedridden

Homecare Personal ServicesIt can mentally, physically and emotionally tiring to care for a loved one who is bedridden. The good news is that experienced, compassionate caregivers have the skills and expertise to care for a senior who is bedridden offer homecare personal services.

These services are the ideal solution for families who have become exhausted caring for their loved one. However, the services are also perfect for families who are not considering moving their loved one into a long term care facility. Homecare personal services allow seniors to enjoy a high level of care in a familiar setting. This helps to reduce the depression that seniors can develop due to a decrease in mobility.

In addition to a decrease in mobility and a need to have personal care, housekeeping and cooking assistance┬ámet, seniors who are confined to their beds face other challenges. One of these challenges is bedsores. Bedsores can easily form on the pressure points of the body. The elbows, hips and spine are some of the areas of the body where bedsores develop. Therefore, caregivers must work diligently to prevent the senior from developing bedsores. Changing the senior’s position in the bed can help prevent bedsores, reduce stiffness and encourage circulation.

There are also other factors that caregivers will need to consider when providing assistance to seniors who are unable to leave their beds.


When seniors are confined to their beds, it is essential that they are comfortable. Their backs and joints must rest in positions that ensure they do not feel any strain. Caregivers can add several pillows to seniors’ beds to help support the neck, back and head.

Cooking, Meals and Activities

Every meal time should be social and allow the senior to stay engaged the entire time. Caregivers can also keep the senior occupied by having conversations and provide other tools to stimulate them mentally. Puzzles, books, games and television can help them stay connected to others.

If your loved one is bedridden and he or she wants to stay in the home, homecare personal services make that possible. They can stay at home comfortably while receiving the professional assistance they need. Family members can rest knowing that their loved ones are receiving excellent care.

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