Important Homemaking Skills for Caregivers

Homemaking Skills for Caregivers

It is important that caregivers are competent in all of the skills that involve caring for a senior who is no longer able to completely care for themselves. The elderly may need assistance with grooming, bathing or cooking. The homemaking skills for caregivers will allow the senior to remain at home for as long as they comfortably can.

As your loved one gets older, household tasks that were once simple to complete become increasingly more difficult for them. This type of care ensures they will always have fresh and nutritious food to eat, obstacles are removed from walkways and clean clothing is available for the senior to wear. Not only should family members possess these skills, but professional caregivers who are hired to work in the home should be a second pair of hands that patients and family members can depend on to help with daily household chores.

Necessary Homemaking Skills

The elderly and their family members should know that homemaking skills are non-medical skills. These services are to provide assistance where needed. The skills that caregivers should have include:

  • Ability to wash dishes
  • Ability to do laundry
  • Change linen
  • Shop for groceries
  • Organize closets
  • Care for plants
  • Care for pets
  • Other tasks selected by patient and/or family

Keeping the Home Comfortable

It is not necessary for the caregiver to transform the home into a hospital-like setting and the senior will enjoy more benefits when the home remains comfortable and familiar to them. For example, a compassionate caregiver will understand importance of how pillows can help keep a patient comfortable and calm.

A skilled and experienced caregiver will be able to complete homemaking chores quickly and quietly. Therefore, if the patient wants the thermostat setting changed or wants to watch a different channel on television, the caregiver should be comfortable handling these requests.

Homemaking skills for caregivers will help to ensure that the patient will be able to enjoy their time at home in a stress free environment that allows them to maintain a level of independence. Furthermore, these skills allow caregivers to keep the home safe, clean and enjoyable for the patient.

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