Advantages of In-Home Health Care

in-home health care

For many people, their home is not only a structure; it is also a treasure trove that is full of memories. Parents raise children in the home,  and fond memories exist of the moments where you laughed and cried. A home holds many special memories. It can be discouraging to consider the possibility that your loved one will have to be admitted into a nursing home. However, in-home health care is an option that more families are choosing.

With our live-in care services, a nurse, nurse assistant or other type of healthcare professional can move into the home and help you with your care service. They will support you or your loved one by allowing you to stay independent while remaining in the comfort and safety of your home.

In-Home Health Care Offers Skilled Nursing or Support Care

It does not matter whether you require skilled and complex nursing care or if you just need support and assistance with your daily routine, we can provide a personalized service care plan just for you. Evergreen Private Care provides in-home health care services that give family and friends a peace of mind. The family benefits from the care that our highly skilled professionals provide. And,this care is given in the place where you feel the most comfortable, your home.

Unlike a nursing home, in-home health care services provide personalized service on a 1 to 1 ratio. You also have the option of choosing a flexible schedule. With a flexible schedule, you can change it to fit in with your daily routine and needs.

Evergreen In-Home Health Care Services

Our live-in services require that both you and your caregiver are able to sleep well during the night. Caregivers who stay at a residence for 24 hours a day must be able to have uninterrupted sleep except in cases of emergencies. The caregivers should also have private sleeping quarters and preferably a separate restroom.

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