In Home Post-Operative Care

in home post-operative care

It is difficult for most people to have surgery. Patients have to deal with recovery time which keeps them away from their other obligations. They also have to deal with pain afterwards, and they may even have to pay costs out of pocket after the surgery. However, once the surgery is over, in home post-operative care can assist patients with the challenges that many face once they return home.

What Is Post-Operative Care?

Depending on the type of surgery you had, your post-operative care may include restrictions such as:

  • Bed rest
  • Lifting restrictions
  • Mobility restrictions
  • Driving restrictions

The good news is that as patients heal from surgery, restrictions are slowly lifted. However, many patients experience setbacks because they return home and try to get back into their old routine too soon. This often occurs because they do not have in home post-operative care waiting for them when they return home.

How Home Care Agencies Can Help

There are home care agencies that offer skilled post-operative services, such as nursing and therapy, and they also offer non-medical services that are provided by caregivers. It is not uncommon for a patient recovering from surgery to need assistance with homemaking and personal care services such as laundry, meal preparation, bathing, errands and medication reminders.

When you contact a home care agency for post-operative care services, the agency will send a nurse or other representative to your home to conduct an in home assessment. The results of the assessment will let the agency know what types of services you will need. It is during this assessment that you will learn how much the services will cost you.

You and your family can work with the agency to create a personalized care plan that will provide the services you need. These services are surprisingly affordable especially when you compare them to the costs associated with assisted living and rehabilitation facilities.

In home post-operative care is not just for the elderly. These services are an excellent solution for anyone who is recovering from surgery and needs assistance at home. Recovering from surgery at home often allows patients to heal faster and remain comfortable while doing so.

If you are having surgery, find a reputable agency that provides in home post-operative care. If you are in the River Oaks area, contact Evergreen Private Care for a free assessment.