Tips To Consider When Hiring A Live In Caregiver

live in caregiverA live in caregiver is an essential part of a health care team for a person who is suffering from a permanent physical or mental disability. However, more family members are hiring these professionals for their elderly family members. The live in caregiver stays in the home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and only provides the highest quality level of services to those who are in need.

Where Can I Find A Live In Caregiver?

This is one of the most popular questions that family members ask when they are looking for these types of services. Fortunately, you can hire a live in caregiver through a home health agency. The agency will ensure that the caregiver who enters into your home will be experienced.

The caregivers are trained to provide assistance with emergency care, and they can also provide care for an extended time as well.

It is important that family members clarify several factors when they are considering working with agencies that provide a variety of in home care services. So, before you finalize any agreements or sign any contracts, there are certain questions you should ask.

Licensing and Certification

Professionals who work in home care and home based care occupations in the United States must be certified and licensed through the Department of Health. You should verify the caregiver’s certification and/or licensing with the Department of Health before you agree to let them work in your home. You should know the current status of the caregiver’s credentials before you allow them to serve you or your elderly parents.

Check The Agency’s Credibility

You do not want to only verify the credentials of the caregivers; you should also verify the credibility of the agency as well. Check the record of the agency, look for any past complaints, and do some research to determine the quality of care that is delivered by the agency. There are government agencies that provide these types of ratings to home health care agencies. One government agency is the Quality Care Commission. Check the agency’s rating with the Commission.

Customer Support

Also consider the level of customer service provided by agency. The customer service representatives should be able to provide you with assistance whether you need emergency service or if you have a general inquiry. An agency with a fully functioning and reliable customer service department should be preferred over other agencies.

When hiring a live in caregiver, it is important to implement these tips into your hiring strategy. You will be able to find the best agency and caregiver for your loved one’s care and needs.

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