Live In Homecare For The Elderly as An Alternative To Nursing Homes

live in homecare for the elderlyThe idea of having live in homecare for the elderly is an option that is very appealing to family members who are caring for their aging loved ones. This type of care provides an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities because 24 hour care can be arranged for those who want to stay in their homes. Once seniors and their families understand how live in homecare for the elderly works and the advantages and disadvantages of these services, they will be able to make an informed decision about their loved one’s future.

Understanding Live In Homecare For The Elderly

There are two different types of live in homecare for the elderly. The first option involves caregivers who reside outside of the client’s home, and the second option involves caregivers who live in the home of the client. The main differences are the:

  • Amount of care the senior receives
  • The type of care the senior receives
  • Cost of the services received

In both situations, it is important that the caregiver has their own space within the senior’s home that is assigned to them.

When a caregiver does not live in the client’s home on a full time basis, they will typically share care duties and other chores with another caregiver. The two caregivers work in shifts. This type of care is ideal for clients who require more care. A full time caregiver would likely experience an interruption in sleep if the client required assistance throughout the night.

The second option provides a separate sleeping area for caregivers and is a good choice for clients who need daytime assistance. The presence of the caregiver in the home at night is for safety purposes instead of being on call during the night hours.

Care Provided By Live In Caregivers

The services that are provided by these professionals are comparable to services that are provided by other professionals who provide services to homebound clients. For example, they can provide personal care, companionship, nursing services (if trained) and ADL assistance.

These services are also on par to the same types of services that are provided in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It is also very common for these caregivers to provide other services such as transportation and medication reminders.

Live in homecare for the elderly services allow aging individuals and couples to stay in their homes for as long as possible while still receiving quality care. It is a cost effective option that helps clients maintain their dignity.

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