Top 3 Myths About In Home Health Care

You can’t beat the benefits offered by in home nurse care, but many people never give it much thought. Their assumptions prevent them from living happier, healthier lives on their terms. Consider the following myths about live-in home health care:

1. In home nurse care is too expensive.

Having a live-in nurse or rotating 24-hour care for less than you’d pay to live in a nursing facility is possible. This can help you stay active and on your own while you manage serious health conditions. In addition, licensed professionals can often rent the equipment needed to provide all the care you need right in your own home, allowing your life to stay as normal as possible.

2. Expensive nursing homes focus on quality.

Even the most expensive residential facilities often struggle to give clients the attention they deserve. Direct nursing hours may be shockingly low per resident, so can direct care hours with any employee. While you can hire outside help to supplement nursing home care, staying in your home may be the better investment in your health and your bank account.

3. Live-in nurses act like drill sergeants.

Inviting a professional into your home is an entirely different arrangement than visiting a doctor’s office or even enjoying an extended stay in an upscale nursing home. They make an effort to get to know you, as well as care for your needs. You’ll find yourself relying on them for emotional and physical support. Your personal nurse will be a companion, an employee, a caregiver, and a close friend. Given that, you’ll likely feel more comfortable sharing your concerns with and asking questions.

Reap the Rewards of Home Health Care

Before you decide that in home nurse care is too expensive for your family, call and run a few numbers. Be sure to keep insurance and tax credits in mind. Chances are you will be amazed by the affordability and your quality of life, and your healthcare will reap the rewards.

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