Common Questions Clients Have About a Personal Care Assistant

.personal care assistantA personal care assistant can help provide services and assistance to clients who need help with daily activities in their home and/or their community. Not only do these professionals provide care and assistance for a person’s activities of daily living, they also provide assistance with tasks that are health related. They also observe and report changes in client’s physical, mental or emotional condition.

Before hiring this type of caregiver, it is common for clients to have questions regarding the types of services they can expect to receive, and the limitations of care the assistant can provide.

What Occurs During an Assessment?

Before a personal care assistant is hired to come into your home, a home assessment will be completed by a registered nurse that works for the agency. During the assessment, the registered nurse will assess your health, your current living situation and your needs. The entire process does not take long. The nurse will ask several questions relating to:

  • ¬†Your medications
  • The type of assistance you will need daily
  • Your behavior
  • Your need for a responsible party

If you determine that you would benefit from receiving personal care assistant services, the nurse will inform you of the variety of services available that may benefit you.

How Can a Personal Care Assistant Help a Client?

Some of the most common services provided are:

In addition to these services, adults can also receive assistance with:

  • Meal preparation
  • Errands
  • Light housekeeping
  • Bill paying assistance
  • Assistance with telephone and other communications

For children, personal care assistant services can also provide services that are listed in the care plan and provide sole benefit to the child.

Can a Personal Caregiver Help Clients with Medication?

Under the direction of the client’s responsible party or the client, the caregiver can:

  • Provide medication reminders
  • Bring client’s their medication
  • Assist with opening medication containers

However, a personal care assistant cannot administer medication, determine when medication should be taken or provide an assessment to the effectiveness of the medication.

Where Can Services Be Provided?

Although most clients receive services in their homes, an assistant can help you during medical appointments, shopping or any other place where it has been determined you will need assistance.

In conclusion, a personal care assistant is a vital part of the team for a person receiving care in their home. By asking questions before and during the hiring process, the client will be able to make an informed decision.

Schedule a free in-home assessment today to determine if you or your loved one would benefit from in-home assistance.