Personal Care for Seniors Include More Services Than You Think

Personal Care for SeniorsAs people get older, they often face many challenges and obstacles. If your loved one has reached a certain age and is in need of assistance completing their daily routine, he or she may benefit from professional personal care for seniors. This type of care will allow your loved one to remain independent while also helping him or her with the tasks that have become too difficult for them to complete on their own.


It can be challenging to bathe a senior and to make sure that he or she is clean at all times. The sense of smell decreases as people get older and it is not uncommon for seniors to go several days without bathing. Personal care for seniors includes giving the senior regular baths or showers and checking to ensure their outer clothing and undergarments are also clean.

Some elderly people may become defiant during the bathing process. If this occurs, do be forceful or use hateful language against the senior. Try another approach. If they prefer to bathe in the morning instead of at night, fulfill their request. Keep the bathroom and bedroom warm, and keep the entire area well lit.

Meal Preparation

It is important for seniors to consume nutritious and balanced meals. The sense of taste also diminishes as a person ages and they may lack the appetite to eat. However, they should have access to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. All meats should be cleaned and cooked thoroughly to reduce the risk of food poisoning and other food borne illnesses.

Meals should also be prepared to accommodate seniors who have special dietary needs. Diabetics and seniors with heart disease may need to eat a low calorie and low sugar diet.

Medication Reminders

Seniors are often on certain medications to stay healthy. They may be taking more than one medication at a time.  Personal care services can include in home medication reminders with correct dosages for seniors. If they need injections or other types of medication administration, skilled nursing services can be added to the care plan.

Personal care for seniors focuses on assisting the elderly generation with activities of daily living they are no longer able to complete alone. Caregivers should ensure that they provide assistance respectfully so the senior can maintain their quality of life and stay independent.

Find out how personal care services can help your loved one remain independent in a familiar environment. Evergreen Private Care is a referral service that provides companionship for your loved one. You will have comfort in knowing they being well cared for even when you cannot be there. Request more information today!

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