What Is Personal Home Care?

personal home careHow to Help Your Aging Loved One When He Can No Longer Care For Himself

There are activities that younger adults do every day without much thought. However, these same activities may prove to be difficult for an aging senior. For example, seniors and disabled people may find it challenging to bathe, dress or feed themselves. Fortunately, there are agencies that provide personal home care services so home bound clients can live life independently in their homes.

Besides offering basic care and companionship, in-home caregivers provide clients with compassionate, private and caring services that will maintain your loved one’s overall well-being and respect. These agencies will work with your loved one and family members to create a personal home care plan. The customized plan will meet the specific needs of the client.

Hygiene Assistance

Personal hygiene is a daily ritual that not only cleanses the body, but it also soothes the mind and spirit. Caregivers can provide as much assistance as needed while also encouraging the client to participate in their own self-care. This type of care allows the client to feel refreshed, re-energized and clean.

Bathing Assistance

It does not matter whether your loved one prefers baths or showers; professional caregivers can provide assistance when it is deemed unsafe or challenging for your loved one to do so on their own. The bathroom can be a dangerous environment to someone with mobility and balance issues. However, the bathtub and shower areas can be especially slippery. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is not home alone and he or she has assistance to ensure safety remains the top priority in the home.

Incontinence Assistance

Is your loved one having issues with urine or bowel control? Many professional caregivers are trained to specifically handle the special needs of seniors and the disabled who are dealing with frequent or occasional incontinence.

Quality personal home care services should be able to handle all of the care your loved one needs so you can simply enjoy being a family. This will allow you to regain time and cherish every moment that you still have with your loved one.

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