Post-Surgical Home Care: A Client’s Testimonial

Despite what many people think, home care is not just for elderly clients. Clients who are recovering from injuries or surgery can also receive post-surgical home care. Recently, we had a client who sought out our services after having surgery. He decided to share his experience with those who may be considering hiring a caregiver for home care after surgery.

When interviewing this client, he only had great things to say about the services he received. We have changed the name of the client to protect his privacy. Max was in Houston to attend a sports tournament while he was recovering from a C5 Spinal Cord injury. He knew he would need help with certain tasks while he was in Houston and began looking for a home care services. He found the Evergreen website and decided to give us a try.

Max is a go-getter. It seemed that nothing could keep him down. He was always happy and ready to go. For the 5 days Max used our home care services, he was involved in his own care. He worked with his caregiver to make sure the services were tailored to his needs. He told us how pleased and impressed he was that his caregiver allowed him to be included in the decision making regarding his care.

When we interviewed Max after he returned home, he was still telling us how impressed he was with the staff at Evergreen. He said that he would recommend our home care services to anyone who has had surgery and needs a little extra help at home while recovering. Max even went so far as to say that he believes that home care is the only option for those who need post-surgical home care and want to remain independent at home.

After watching how well the client overcame his injury and surgery, an Evergreen nurse stated that the client is a true inspiration for other clients. The nurse said, “I don’t want to hear anyone say that ‘it can’t be done’ after seeing what an inspirational overcomer he is.”

If you have had surgery or have a loved one that has had surgery, we suggest that you look in to post-surgical home care as an option. Even if you do not live in the Houston area, you can find great home care services.

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