Understanding the Duties Of A Private Home Care Nurse is Essential Before You Hire One

Private Home Care NurseA private home care nurse is hired to offer personalized services and focused care to a patient who is living at home, in a nursing facility or in a hospital. These nurses are college graduates and have a license to practice nursing in the state where they reside. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses can both qualify to work as private home care nurses.

There are many duties that private home care nurses perform when they are caring for patients in all settings.

Essential Duties

The essential duties that a private home care nurse completes are similar to those that a licensed nurse in a hospital setting performs. Some of the daily tasks that may be performed are:

  • Assessing vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and pulse
  • Accurate document patient’s progress
  • Monitors patient’s reaction to medications and other treatments
  • Perform lifesaving procedures such as CPR

Role as a Liaison

Another important duty of home care nurses is to act as a liaison between the patient and the family members. The nurse may instruct family members on how to properly administer medications after the nurse has left. The nurse may also need to teach family members how to change surgical dressings so the patient can remain infection free. A home care nurse may decide to stay in the home for several days to ensure that the family members can correctly provide the necessary care and assistance the patient will need.

It is not uncommon for the nurse to stay on call in case an emergency occurs such as infections or changes in treatment levels. The nurse also stays in close contact with the patient’s doctor and reports changes in the patient’s condition so adjustments can take place in the care plan.

Providing Senior Care

Home care nurses are often hired to care for seniors in their homes or in an assisted living facility. When in this role, a home care nurse will help patients with ADLs such as toileting, dressing and bathing. The level and amount of care will depend on the senior’s mobility, mental health and physical health.

The duties of a private home care nurse vary depending on the patient that is being cared for. In addition to physical support, these nurses also provide emotional support to patients who need it.

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