What Are Professional Home Health Services?

Professional Home Health ServicesProfessional home health services are supportive in nature. Health care professionals who are licensed, bonded and have specialized training provide these services. Many times this home health services are provided by skilled personnel, such as licensed nurses. Requirements for home health services vary from state to state.

The Goal of Professional Home Health

The primary objective of professional home health is to allow a client to stay at home. In many cases, this is a much better environment for healing than patients find in a long term care facility. Clients receive the same level of care they would receive in a facility. The only difference is that they are receiving the care in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to them. Quite often professional home health services are a combination of quality health care and life assistance services.

What Are Life Assistance Services?

Life assistance services provide clients with the help they need to complete their daily activities. Health care professionals can provide assistance with tasks such as:

Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs include the basic activities in a person’s daily routine. These activities include bathing, grooming, eating, walking and toileting. The amount of assistance a person needs for ADLs reflects the level of self-care he or she is able to provide.

Included in home health services is pain management, wound care, medication administration, psychological assessment and other services.

The Importance of Receiving Care in a Familiar Environment

The medical community is well aware that seniors prefer to receive care in an environment that is familiar, loving and supportive. Professional health care services are personalized to help patients become stronger. That way, they are able to gain or retain their independence. Overall good health can truly begin in the client’s home. However, it’s important to understand that illness and disease can affect a person’s mental health and emotional health as well as their physical health.

Professional home health services use advancements in technology to help reduce the number of days a client may stay in the hospital. That way, they can begin to receive care in the home. Patients can then lead more productive lives while remaining at home.

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