The Guidelines You Should Look For When Considering a Quality Home Health Care Service

Quality Home Health Care ServiceIt is not uncommon for a patient’s doctor to recommend home health care for short-term care. The patient may need assistance after recovering from surgery or an illness. Even when the patient returns home from the hospital, he or she may still need a professional level of care that includes nursing and/or medical assistance. Home health services provide this type of assistance. Do you or someone you love require quality home health care service? There are several guidelines to consider first.

When Is Home Health Care Advisable?

A quality home health care service may be recommended by your physician if he or she determines that you would benefit from additional medical assistance while you are in recovery in the comfort of your home.

Are The Services Covered By Medicare?

Another factor that you should consider is whether the services are covered by a program such as Medicare. This provides temporary financial assistance for homebound patients who are unable to go outside of their homes without some type of assistance. Can leave your home to go on short trips more than one day a week? Then you may not be eligible for coverage through Medicare.

How Many Hours Will The Nurse/Caregiver Stay In Your Home?

A licensed or registered nurse may only visit you for an hour a day while you recover. However, a home health aide or caregiver may stay for the entire day. A registered nurse’s main goal is to help you recover so you can get back to your normal routine, but a professional caregiver can help you with grooming, bathing or even run errands for you. A caregiver can also transport you to your appointments if necessary.

The Different Types of Services

The services provided usually specialize in specific therapies that can help you while you are recuperating. Physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy can help patients who have weakened areas of the body due to illness or surgery. If you need personal care, in home services are an option.

When looking for a quality home health care service, choose an agency that offers tailored services that will allow you to maintain your independence.

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