What Are The Top Senior Caregiver Duties?

senior caregiver dutiesAlthough the tasks performed by a caregiver can vary daily based on the needs of the client, there are some senior caregiver duties that remain constant when providing care for an elderly loved one.

The following list of senior caregiver duties will provide more insight into the responsibilities of caregivers, as well as the rewards that can be gained from caring for an elderly family member.

Common Senior Caregiver Duties

Assess Your Loved One’s Medical Needs

Does your loved one need assistance with pain management or medication reminders? If so, schedule a meeting with your loved one’s physician to create a specific medical care plan. This will allow you to provide your senior with medical assistance in their home.

Care Plan Preparedness

Developing a care plan is one of those senior caregiver duties that are essential in ensuring your loved one receives quality care at home. Addressing your elderly family member’s strengths and weaknesses can help you as you begin the journey of being their caregiver. A care plan will also help you determine how many hours a day he or she will require assistance.

Medication Monitoring

Your loved one’s medication should be monitored in accordance with the care plan that was created. The care plan will specify the duties you will need to perform, and you will also know what time of day to provide medical assistance.

Basic Needs Assistance

You can assist your loved one with their basic needs (ADLs). These needs may be toileting assistance, bathing assistance and grooming assistance.

Meal Preparation

It can become increasingly difficult to prepare meals as a person becomes older. You can provide assistance to your loved one by shopping for meals, preparing meals and monitoring their nutritional intake.


Your elderly parent may have difficulty transferring from the bed to the chair or from the chair to the toilet. You should be prepared to provide them with assistance so they can safely move from one area of the home to another.


When trying to keep track of all of these duties, it is easy to forget that one of the most important parts of in-home care is providing companionship. Take some time to focus on the opportunity you have to spend time with your parent. Show them how thankful you are to have them in your life.

These are some of the senior caregiver duties that you may have to perform if your elderly loved one chooses to stay at home to receive care. However, it is important to remember that these duties may have to be adjusted as time progresses.

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