In Home Skilled Nursing Care Tips For Children

skilled nursing care tips

Children who have complicated medical disorders and ailments may require specialized skilled nursing care services.  However, this may mean that the child does not only require skilled nursing care, he or she may also need to have a team of other professionals such as physical and speech therapists to visit him or her in the home. There are several skilled nursing care tips that parents should consider when factoring in the needs of their child.

What Pediatric Home Care Is Not

The first thing that parents should understand is what pediatric home care means. It is a professional nursing specialty, and it should not be mistaken for babysitting. A child that is physically or mentally challenged may develop better when the caregiver cares for the child inside the home where they are surrounded by those who love them instead of being cared for inside of a facility.

What Pediatric Home Care Is

A pediatric home caregiver provides a miniature and personalized intensive care for children who require skilled nursing care. Some of the skills/tasks that the caregiver may provide are:

  • Ventilator care
  • Tracheotomy care
  • Gastric tube care

It is also normal for a skilled nursing caregiver to monitor the child’s breathing and make sure that the child is receiving proper oxygenation. The child may also require suctioning several times a day. This care allows parents to carry on with their normal daily routine assured in knowing their child is being well cared for.

A Checklist for Parents

There are several skilled nursing care tips that parents should consider when using an agency to find a caregiver for their child:

  • Make sure that the agency is following the proper procedures. And the government must approve the agency to offer this specialized nursing care for children.
  • The agency must also follow OSHA requirements – Both agency and staff must be compliant.

The professional nurses, caregivers and therapists who provide these services must always be at the top of their game. Caring for a child at home is a complicated task. But the skilled nursing care tips will help parents choose the agency that will provide the care for the child that the child cannot provide for themselves.

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