Skills of a Caregiver Are Important For a Thriving Patient

It does not matter whether caregivers care for a patient in a private home or a long term care facility. It is a job that offers many rewards but also involves many responsibilities. The skills of a caregiver are necessary so that the patient receives the best care possible. Caregivers should also take the time to manage their own emotional, physical, and mental needs as well. You must be mentally and physically healthy before caring for someone else.

Safety Skills

There are certain physical skills that caregivers should have, especially when attending to patients who are not mobile. These skills include:

  • Lifting
  • Transferring
  • Supporting
  • Carrying

Learning how to correctly transfer a patient from a wheelchair to a bed can prevent the patient and the caregiver from becoming injured during the transfer. Another skill of a caregiver is understanding the proper way to bathe a patient with mobility impairment. This skill can reduce how often the patient is hospitalized for infections and sores.

Patients who are mentally alert may only require assistance with eating, washing their hands, or bathing.

Social Skills and Communication Skills

Caregivers should always be aware that although patients may need continuous care and assistance, these patients are still able to see, hear and speak. This means that caregivers need to speak in a pleasant and non-threatening tone at all times. It is important to maintain eye contact with the patient whenever the caregiver is speaking to or listening to the patient.

Life-Saving/First Aid Skills

Professional caregivers and family members who care for loved ones in the home should be trained in life-saving skills such as CPR and first aid. All certificates should be current and valid. Caregivers should recognize when the patient has a life-threatening emergency, such as choking or a heart attack. They should also know how to effectively treat injuries such as burns and cuts.

The skills of a caregiver are varied due to the different skill sets patients require. Remember that all skills should be performed with a confident, professional, and happy attitude. This attitude will help the patient feel more relaxed and be more accepting of the care that is given to them.

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