Caregiver Duties Checklist


The caregiver duties checklist is similar for both family members caring for homebound loved ones and professional caregivers. Caregivers work in any setting where their loved one or client is located. This means that caregivers work in both clients’ homes and long term care facilities.

There are many people all over the country and the world that need someone to assist them with their daily tasks, personal care needs, transportation needs, and other types of assistance. Some need full-time medical care and assistance, while others only need someone there to provide companionship or to help provide mobility assistance. Caregivers also provide care for patients of all ages from young children to seniors.

caregiver duties checklist

Caregiver Duties Checklist

Those who provide care for seniors have a caregiver duties checklist that contains a set of instructions and tasks that must be completed on a daily or an as-needed basis. Some clients may live with family members who work outside of the home. In this case, the family may ask caregivers to arrive early in the morning and stay until the evening. Some clients need around the clock care. And the caregiver should prepare to be on call day and night. Occasionally, the caregiver will be responsible for overnight caregiver duties.

Duties Vary

The duties the caregiver will be responsible for completing will be as varied as the client he or she is working with. Those with a chronic illness may need a caregiver with specialized training. However, many times, the caregiver will be there to ensure the client’s quality of life is maintained. This includes making sure their grooming and basic bathing needs are taken care of.

In addition to providing care, clients may need mobility assistance. Many seniors are embarrassed to receive assistance at first. Caregivers must show compassion and understanding while assisting elderly clients.

Providing medication reminders are essential to forgetful clients. Meal preparation and grocery shopping may also be duties that are placed on the checklist.

A caregiver duties checklist can include many tasks, chores, and assignments. However, caregivers need to remember that one of the most important things they can do is be a companion to their client. Spend time with them, talk to them, and get to know them while completing tasks. The job can be rewarding and fun.

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