What Our Clients Are Saying

"I cannot say enough positive things about the staff and services provided by Evergreen Private Care, specifically Karla and our care manager. The company was instrumental in working with our out-of-town family to care for my father, who had Lewy Body Dementia.

With all family either in a different state or country, our Evergreen care manager was the connection regarding his overall care and condition, working with the memory care facility, hospitals and other medical professionals...

They went above and beyond our father's care - they arranged private care-givers, were closely connected with facility staff and management, visited the facility minimum once per week (often more), arranged for and often purchased additional care items (wheelchairs, personal care supplies, etc.), among much else. Our care manager always provided prompt and detailed communication to the family and was the trusted advocate for proper medical care at his memory care facility and during hospital stays.

If you are looking for help with caring for a senior in your life, don't hesitate to contact Evergreen, they will help and guide you. The staff of Evergreen Private Care is a group of people that truly care and are experts on how to navigate a senior care."

- Olivia T

"As you know I am a special needs planning and elder care law attorney. Professionally, I deal with hundreds of families facing medical and long-term health issues. You and I have worked together on several matters professionally, and I was, of course, very happy to hear of my clients' great experience with Evergreen.

While I am an attorney, I am also the doting aunt of a very special three year old boy with serious medical issues. My nephew James was born with a condition known as Vater's syndrome. He has a tracheostomy ("trach") and must be fed through a g-tube. James must also have 24 hour skilled nursing care to ensure that there is no blockage in his trach, and must be suctioned on a regular and continual basis...

James lives with his parents in Austin. One evening, my sister and James were in town to celebrate my three year old son's birthday party. We had arranged through my sister's Medicaid nursing provider several weeks prior, for a night nurse to assist us with James so that my sister and her husband could sleep at night. At 4PM (on a Friday!), we were made aware that the Medicaid home health agency's night nurse would not be able to attend, and the provider was unable to locate another night nurse. This is when I called Evergreen.

After many phone calls with the Medicaid home health agency, I saw an immediate difference with Evergreen. All of the staff were very courteous, professional, and handled my panic stricken phone call with grace and dignity. You also were exceptionally proactive and concerned during this process to locate a night nurse. We were also able to have Doreen Lundy, both nights. She was an absolute blessing, and took great care of James.

I cannot thank you enough for going way above and beyond what any person should have to do on a Friday night. You, Doreen, and Evergreen are a blessing to not only my family, but also the many families your nurses serve. Please tell every person that helped us that evening thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Very truly yours,
Christina Lesher
Law Office of Christina Lesher, PC

"I wanted to write a letter to commend Cathy, Christine and your organization for their excellent nursing care for my husband. You all were so compassionate, loving and skilled in your care of him. Your caregivers ministered to both my children and I as we let James go home to heaven. It was such a support to have Christian ladies helping us at the last. That special bond that the children of God have was evident throughout all the time you were with us. I appreciate your thoughtfulness...

Thank you for providing such excellent nursing care. Hospice was around so little and so abrupt in their actions, without Evergreen, my children and I would have been lost. We would not have such peace about our good-bye with James. It made such a difference to have Cathy and Christina - they were calming, informative, caring and guided us in learning how to care for James in a hospital bed. I cannot say enough about your care for a man I dearly loved. I want others to know about your excellent nursing care when they need it."

With gratitude,
Ms. Stanley

"Evergreen was a blessing to our family from our 1st day coming home from TIRR. All of the nurses and caregivers were exceptional. We felt a sense of peace with everyone who cared for our son. They not only had the exceptional nursing / caregiving skills, but showed our whole family love and kindness. When our son passed away, we felt a sense of loss without the wonderful team who we came to love so much."

- Caryn Uttenweiler

"This letter is written to express the thanks of all our family members for the excellent nursing care provided to our husband and father in late September, until his death in October.

My husband had been in a semi-recovery state following a stroke. We had experienced a roller-coaster hospitalization/home recovery protocol for 13 months. Although we had home help, our family members were exhausted with the around-the-clock attention we wanted to him to have...

When we were told he probably was in his last illness, we decided to find an outside nursing-care facility to relieve our already tired bodies. A trusted church employee gave us the name of Evergreen and thus began a wonderful relationship that lasted for 6 weeks.

We were impressed with:
( 1 ) the nursing professional who came to the hospital to evaluate his needs for the degree of care needed;

( 2 ) the certified nursing assistant who became our "surrogate" family for our loved husband / father, and the medical knowledge she showed in watching over his vital signs and assisting the hospital staff. She worked the 12-hour night shift and was nothing short of wonderful. Toward the end of his life, we elected to also have a qualified round-the-clock day CNA. Again, the woman provided was dedicated, concerned, medically astute, and caring. She provided our family a great deal of compassion the day of his death. Both of these nursing professionals were everything a family could desire in this time of need."

( 3 ) the cost of the service was in line with other groups we interviewed - and the invoice was mailed rather than paid in advance as some are prone to do. We were grateful for this orderly way of making payment.

Our family would (and have) recommend Evergreen to our friends and acquaintances. Our thanks to you is sincere and unqualified."


"This letter is an attempt to express the family's sincere appreciation for the professional, compassionate and loving care and support shown by Evergreen throughout our tenure with your organization and employees. From the very beginning our experience was nothing but positive. During this most difficult time in our lives you consistently provided quality care and guidance, prompt response to our sometimes changing needs and dependable scheduling...

During our sixteen days with Evergreen we had the pleasure of many "angels" walking into our parents' home and becoming an extension of our family. These special "angels" were entrusted with the responsibility of caring for our Father's needs during his final days on this earth. During Dad's transition to his eternal home in Heaven the nurses / caregivers also took personal responsibility for our Mother's health as well, seeking to ensure that she was not overwhelmed with the monumental task of caring for Dad. A friendship / relationship was established with these women and they provided our family with comfort, peace of mind and a sense of order in a most difficult time.

Forever will we appreciate the presence of Salma, Lola, Jennifer, Alicia, and Connie. A special note of thanks to Berthy, LaQuesa, Nnenna, and Tochukwu - care givers who provided loving support on a more regular basis and forever will be remembered for the quality care, reassurance and guidance they offered my family.

Without a moment's hesitation we highly recommend the services provided by Evergreen and close by saying, "May God continue to richly bless your efforts and the lives of those you employ."

"Thank you for providing my son with such a good nurse while I was out of the country. I think her name is spelled Shartame? My mother in law only had wonderful things to say about her. Matthew was very happy too. I was happy that she documented his urine output and encouraged him to drink fluids. I hope I will be able to have her come again when I need to be away. All of the staff in your office have been very helpful and nice."

- Lori

"I thank God for bringing you into our lives. Your Christian compassionate organization was so efficient and dependable. I trusted the caregivers with my most valuable possessions my husband and our home. Because Maurice was satisfied and looked forward to their coming, I was able to keep my job and my health. I know that the care received allowed him to stay at home longer...

On Jan 10th it was your caregiver who helped get him into the car, stayed in the ER, and then cleaned my house. As a result of his heart attack, stroke, Maurice never returned home. He died on Feb. 23rd.

Laura, Heather, and Kim have been like family. Not only did they take care of schedules, matching the right caregiver, and sending out to the nurse, Paula, they could relate to our situation. Laura is so professional and comes to our support group at church. Jerry and Karen have allowed God to use them in this Care Ministry. I am so grateful for your help in this difficult time of loss."

Trusting Him,

"It is with heartfelt gratitude I write this thank you note to all of you.

You provided excellent care for my friend Paul during the last five months of his life. I think each of you came to know that, due to my circumstances, I have a real understanding of what it takes to do your job. Over the last five months I saw that each of you possess the following qualities: strength of character, intelligence, integrity, the patience of Job, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, a real understanding of human nature, and the cycle of life. There aren't many people who have what it takes to do your job. All too often you are under appreciated, and always under paid...

I'd like to single out a few of you who, in my opinion, went beyond the call of duty. Thank you:

Mona, for preparing delicious food that nurtured Paul's body and soul. And for cultivating a level of trust with him that allowed him to talk openly with you. You knew and understood him the best.

Larissa, for your stamina and ability to work hard and long hours. And for your fine mind, desire to learn, and your ability to learn quickly. You are the Energizing Bunny.

Fayka, for your Zen-like qualities and ability to bring peace and calm to any situation/person (me especially). And for your unending desire to help, not just Paul, but whomever was present, from the moment you walked in the door until the end of your shift.

Veronica, for your strength, and ability to handle Paul at his worst, and God knows how he could be difficult to handle. And for keeping Paul safe, and recognizing when there had been too many visitors and too much stimulation for him.

I want you all to know from the deepest part of my heart and soul I truly appreciate what all of you did for Paul, for me, and for the multitude of other friends that came and went during these last months. Thank you for all you do, and all that you are."

As always,

Evergreen Private Care

Compassion. Acceptance. Respect. Excellence.

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