Companion Care

Companion care is a service that helps families ensure that a loved one has a trusted ally at their side during day-to-day life. A Companion is available to meet the social needs of a Client on a regular basis, coming for occasional short visits or checking in daily depending on the Client’s individual level of need or preference. Being able to spend a few hours in the company of a pleasant, friendly, and helpful Care Provider can make an enormous difference for Clients. Just as important, family members can know that their loved one is not lonely between family visits.

Trustworthy and Carefully-Selected Companion Caregivers for Your Beloved Family Member

Companion home care is a solution that empowers Clients to maintain a rich and meaningful social life at any age. Evergreen Private Care’s professional Care Providers can assist by:

  • Maintaining socialization and communication skills through frequent interaction and friendly dialogue
  • Stabilizing during walking by holding a hand or arm in the home or out and about
  • Accompanying Clients to appointments, errands, or events
  • Providing grooming and cosmetic assistance (brushing hair, applying makeup, filing and polishing nails) to improve self-confidence and self-image
  • Performing light household tasks (preparing meals, doing laundry, straightening living areas, etc.) to make the home environment pleasant

Companion Care Can Save a Life

An attentive Companion facilitates communication with family and other Care Providers regarding a Client’s overall health and state of mind. Since the Companion interacts with the Client on a regular basis in everyday settings, they may catch warning signs of potentially serious issues before they become crises. For example, a Companion may notice changes in behavior or witness unusual incidents that deserve close attention. These insights can be invaluable in ensuring the highest possible level of proactive care.

Human Connection Matters

Managing family relationships, especially with ill or aging loved ones who live far away, can be an enormous challenge. Technology such as video chatting can be helpful in bridging distances but there is no substitute for physical presence. A qualified and experienced Companion who is available in person offers Clients a listening ear, a hand to hold, an arm to lean on, or a shoulder to cry on. The Care Providers that are offered through Evergreen Private Care have excellent interpersonal skills that make them the ideal choice for Companion care.

Engaging a Companion is like having a trusted next door neighbor look in on a loved one and make sure they are doing alright. These regular visits are a highlight of life for many Clients, giving them something meaningful to look forward to. Thank you for trusting us to help you locate the perfect Companion Care Provider. We look forward to finding just the right match for your needs.

Carefully Screened Care Providers

Evergreen Private Care assigns employees who are competent providing care to all age groups; infants, adolescents, teens, adults and elders. Our Care Providers serve Clients with compassionate and quality care in private homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Every Care Provider must go through a rigid screening process that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • National criminal background check
  • Verified work history and personal references
  • State licensure appropriate to skill level
  • Verification of circulatory pulmonary resuscitation certification
  • Skills verification

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