Reasons Why Seniors May Be Reluctant To Receive Elderly Care Assistance

Many Seniors Initially Refuse In Home Assistance

Seniors often reach a point in their lives when they need additional elderly care assistance in their homes so they can stay independent while receiving the care they need to live an improved quality of life. It is, however, not uncommon for seniors to feel angry or even inconvenienced before they finally decide to accept outside help from a professional caregiver.

There are several reasons why a senior may decide to refuse or hesitate on receiving care in the home. Family members can take several steps to address the concerns their loved one may have.  These steps will help them feel more comfortable accepting elderly care assistance in the home.

A Loss of Pride

Some seniors feel as though their family and friends will view them differently if they choose to accept in-home assistance. It is important for family members to reinforce the fact that accepting this type of assistance does not reflect on the person they are. Focus on the positive aspects of senior assistance. One of the advantages is that he or she will be able to stay at home and not have to move into a facility.

Hesitant To Change

It is not uncommon for seniors to have a reluctance to try anything new. This reluctance can also include allowing new people to come into their homes. The reluctance can just be a part of their personality, and they generally do not get along with people in general. However, family members can help alleviate any tension by introducing the senior to the caregiver before care begins. Assure the senior that the caregiver is from a reputable home care agency and all background checks and screenings have been completed.

Worried About the Price of In-Home Care Assistance

Seniors are often concerned about the price of in-home care. Fortunately, many home care agencies offer rates and packages that can meet any budgetary constraints. Services can be provided a few days a week instead of every day in order to save money. It is also important to know that in-home care is more affordable than nursing home care.

Elder care assistance offers seniors the ability to stay at home and get the professional care they need. The level of assistance can always be increased or decreased in response to the changing needs of the senior.

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