Tips for Travel Companion Services for Seniors

Traveling with elderly parents or other relatives can become overwhelming and frustrating if the proper preparations are not made ahead of time. Long-distance traveling can be physically exhausting for seniors, and stressful for their companions. It is important to ensure a doctor’s clearance on any trip the senior is planning to take. The senior may need to have a physical exam before getting the go-ahead to leave for the trip.

There are several tips that companions should consider when they are planning to travel with seniors.

Travel Companion Services for Seniors:  Planning Is Key

Preparation for the trip should begin as soon as possible. If the trip is the senior’s idea, they may purchase tickets or begin to book hotel reservations. Although they may be excited about this process, caregivers that provide travel companion services for seniors should also take part in the planning process and understand that they are no longer young teenagers.

So, what does this mean? This means that there should be an open conversation about the sights they would like to see and discuss topics such as medication, insurance, and general health.

Travel Companion Services for Seniors:  Walking Aids

When traveling, there is usually a lot of walking involved. If traveling by air, they may need to have walking aids with them in case they become tired during a layover. Even if traveling by car, they may need to use a walking device during rest stops.

These devices can be purchased online, or they can be purchased from a medical supply store. Companions should be with seniors when they test these walking aids to ensure that they are compatible and do not cause issues later on.

Travel Companion Services for Seniors:  Call In Advance for Special Assistance

Companions can contact the airline, train station, or bus station in advance and inform them that the senior will be traveling on a certain date and they will need a wheelchair. Even if the senior prefers to walk, walking can add extra strain on them.

Medications should be placed in carry-on bags so they can be accessed when needed. Entertainment aids can also be placed in the carry-on to keep the senior occupied. Books, iPads, and magazines can entertain them during delays and layovers.

Travel companion services for seniors can make traveling fun, safe, and comfortable for the elderly. They can enjoy their trip while being reassured that they have someone by their side with their best interest at heart.

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