EVERGREEN PRIVATE CARE would like to announce a new partnership with Dr. Libman and Rob Gluckmann as we begin to create innovative ways to provide health care during these unique circumstances. It is imperative as health care professionals, we incorporate new methods of keeping people safe; working in conjunction with the traditional home health model. Utilizing the tele-medicine option, and under the orders of the physician’s and ARNP’s from Dr. Libman’s office, Evergreen will begin to provide in-home nursing assessments for clients in their private residences.

Providing safe, competent, compassionate care is something we at Evergreen do everyday. Our nurses, CNA’s, and companions are out the field courageously facing this unseen enemy on a daily basis. This new initiative is a way for Evergreen Private Care to continue to assist our community by providing and creating jobs; keeping food on the table for our employees; while keeping our most vulnerable safe.

Yesterday’s Announcement

As Dr. Deborah Birx stated yesterday, the flattening of the curve will happen on a national level when we work together on a county by county basis. Partnerships like this is a practical, safe way that we can ensure our Martin county residents are staying home; limiting exposure. We encourage our Martin County residents to heed the advise of our National and Congressional leaders- if you feel sick STAY home, call your physician, let us come to you. We are currently in process and working with our local health department to actively participate in offering COVID-19 testing in the home once the test kits become available. We have all seen the long lines and frustration that comes with going out to be tested. By making the option to have the testing come to you, we can prevent the over-burdening of our health systems and limit exposure. Containment is vital.

We want to plead with our health care partners to notify us as these test become available. This is call to action:

  • Residents – Please follow CDC guidelines, practice social distancing. STAY HOME!
  • We call on our fellow home health agencies and physicians, let this be a template for you! Reach out and partner with each other!
  • Health Care workers – We need YOU! Nurses, Nursing students, CNA’s, HHA’s, companions – it is we, as healthcare professionals, who bravely face this pandemic. With appropriate safety equipment, wisdom, and courage, we will walk into homes and meet the needs of those we are called to serve. Those of you that are unemployed, who are not a part of the vulnerable population, this is an opportunity for you to make a difference. If you are willing and able to assist, call us today. We believe this is the answer to flattening the curve. Nurses, CNA’s, HHA’s – if you have availability and are interested in working call Evergreen – 772-291-2990.

It is imperative that we ALL join together and do our part in winning this battle.

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