Everything You Need to Know About Home Nurse Care

home nurse care

So, you don’t want to move into a facility, but assume home nurse care isn’t an option? You might be facing an impasse with your family regarding your ability to stay in your home. After speaking with a few experts, you may be surprised to discover all the services available.

Home Nurse Care A La Carte

In the distant past, home nurse care was available on a 24-hour basis. The caregiver lived on your property and focused solely on your medical needs. A lot has changed since 1950, particularly the price tags. Today, dozens of affordable help services are available to elderly or ill patients who want to stay home.

Licensed Nursing at a Fraction of the Cost

Most families pressure their loved ones into moving to a retirement home, believing they’ll be safe and well cared for. Often they are, but sometimes they do have to wait. Some surveys have shown a lot of retirement homes struggle to provide enough face-to-face time with the residents. Residents may see a licensed nurse for only a few hours a week. Most people can find dedicated in-home nursing care for much less.

Premium Live-in Care is Available

Some want a dedicated provider who lives with them, monitoring their health and helping them with personal and medical challenges. Today, you’re much more likely to find a licensed live-in nurse who considers light housekeeping and social tasks, such as transportation, a part of her job.

Before opting for care that’s not for you, consider your home nurse care options. Then, contact¬†Evergreen Private Care today.

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