What Is A Private Duty Nurse?

what is a private duty nurse

As home health care continues to expand, the need for quality nurses in this field has also grown. As a result, there are more opportunities for a registered nurse in a hospital to transition into a private duty nurse in a home setting. Private duty nurses are either self-employed or they work for a home health care agency. These nurses provide basic nursing for patients who are living with physical or mental impairments that prevent them from to self-care.

What Does The Average Day Look Like For A Private Duty Nurse?

Every day may bring about new tasks and challenges depending on the type of patients the nurse has. However, most PDN visit one or more clients each day. During these visits, the nurse performs normal health checks and addresses any care or needs the client may have. A client with multiple needs may need a nurse in the home for several hours a day or around the clock. Clients who are able to provide some self-care may only need the nurse in the home to provide a daily checkup.

The Different Types of Clients

The home environment clients are no different than the patients the same nurse may care for in a hospital setting. The only difference is that in-home care clients have long term needs that can be provided for in their homes. The elderly may choose to utilize the services of a private nurse instead of moving into a long term care facility. There are other clients such as disabled adults and children who prefer to receive their nursing care in the comfort of their homes.

The Services Provided By a Private Nurse

There are numerous services that a private duty nursing license can provide. Besides basic monitoring of the client’s health, the nurse may also need to:

  • Transport clients
  • Monitor medications dosage
  • Provide hygiene care
  • Assist with dressing
  • Change bandages
  • Maintain equipment such as ventilators
  • Assist with feeding

A private duty nurse should possess certain qualities such as being organized, compassionate and detailed oriented. These nurses work with the client’s health care team to ensure the client remains as independent as possible.

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